Embrace, Create, Destroy – The Three Powers of the Kingdom


Big Cover EmbraceEmbrace – Create – Destroy

“Panga Wenam”
The Three Powers of the Kingdom
One Song,
Three words,
Three prayers and
Three actions!

Panga Wenam!

The sun was beating down mercilessly on the rusting corrugated roof of the small church as folk gathered in Ouagadougou for their Sunday worship. Gleaming black faces shone with expectancy as the drums began to beat out a Holy rhythm. Hips began to sway; hands began to clap and, amid the twirling colour and noise, a bit of heaven began to invade this African earth.

“Panga Wenam, Panga Wenam, Panga Wenam, Panga! Panga!! Panga!!! Wenam Hallélujah”  

Caught up in the crescendo of faith filled words, which ran on and on in delightful repetitions, I found a deep inner strengthening as I sang. It was as if the heat had melted some liquid love which was now pulsating deeply into my inner man, healing hurts and implanting fresh hope.

“But what were they singing? What does Panga Wenam mean?”

Through the dust, sweat and dancing I managed to glean a translation from my African friend who was part of the Mossi tribe who had so willingly and generously embraced Christ into their culture.

“Panga means “Power” and Wenam is our name for God. It is more than just a song. It is also our heart cry in prayer…”Send us your power God!”

Today is the launching of my e-book, “Embrace, Create, Destroy” and I leave this devotional as a brief introduction. You’ll have to obtain the book from the HeSed  website if you want to discover more.

And this book too is my own heart cry in prayer for you.

As you read, may you find a wild but gentle power inspiring your own soul – much more than a power – a holy personality bringing life, friendship and illumination on all you do and are.

Three cries – “Panga, Panga, Panga”

Three appeals for “Power, Power, Power”

Three prophetic paradigms emerging – Embrace, Create, Destroy.

Of course we only have one magnificent Holy Spirit, dwelling beautifully in the ineffable dance of the three fold Godhead. And yet this one Spirit, this primal power and personality, like a diamond, has innumerable facets. This book will take us on a journey to discover three of these vital powers, three emerging paradigms, a dynamic trinity of “dunamis” that will empower your life and ministry…Enjoy the ride…it may well change your life!

Sing along with me in this “Panga” video.

Written to celebrate the virtual e book launch of “Embrace, Create, Destroy.”

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